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Morgan Ji and the

Just released! The fabulous Morgan Ji, with her inimitalbe style. Recorded with the Orchestra National du Jazz Luxembourg at ICP studios in Brussels. Big Band arrangement by Gast Waltzing and David Laborier. Mixed by Gast Waltzing and Chris Simon at WPP in Luxembourg with Morgan herself mixing her voice and effects. They will be performing together in 2022.

HOPE Cover.jpg

H O P E Orchestra National du Jazz

The Orchestra National du Lazz Luxembourg, and WPR JAZZ has gained World Wide international distribution for the Album HOPE with MIG-Media. This is the 4th album from this formation, with compositions and arrangements by Gast Waltzing and featuring newly discovered singer SALIMA.

One of three WPR record lables under the Waltzing Parke Productions flag. The Jazz lable looks for young creators who write and arrange their own materiel.

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Gast Waltzing & Largo
Unplugged - LIVE

Unplugged LIVE Recorded in the Theatre Esch at the last performance of his group LARGO this album draws on material from several of Largos former releases, but brings to each song the maturity of developing further than the original from the years of performance by the group. A perfect final CD.

David Laborier - NEXT - Cover - for Web
David Laborier Next

 NE:X:T features the medium sized sextet format and showcases a musical melting pot of jazz, pop, rock and experimental elements. It is a homogenous co-existence of musical styles resulting in highly accessible colors and atmospheres. NE:X:T take the audience to the stylistic edge of jazz music. World Wide Release with MIG-Media.

ONJL feat Jean-Jacques Mailliet - CD Cov
Jean Jacques Maillet

The first album from this young violinist drawing from his own compositions, heavily influenced by Rock and jazz from the 80's this work, produced by Gast Waltzing is a promising freschman album.

Gast Waltzing & Largo

Jazzed Up In New Orleand The band's latest album and 4th CD, was recorded and mixed in New Olreans at the Music Shed Studio in January 2013. A warm mix of melodies and rhythms, composed by Jazz Trumpeter Gast Waltzing with David Laborier on guitar, Rom Heck on Bass and Rainer Kind on drums, and featuring The Soul Rebels Brass Band on several of the track.

Orchestra National du
Jazz Luxembourg

D'Pierly Vum Da  This brilliantly arranged collection of traditional Luxembourgish songs, arranged by David Laborier, brings a new original modern sound and fill to each of these mid century songs, without loosing the warm and well loved fill for each well know melody.

David Laborier & Three's A Crowd

Choices  aims at exploring the sonic and atmospheric possibilities a drum-and-bass-less trio can offer, combining throughfully composed material with the individual improvisational styles of its members.  Written by David Laborier and performed by Laborier on Guitar, Michel Pilz on Bass Clarinet and Carlo Nardozzon on Trumpet.

Leana Sealy

Undecided The talented jazz singer blends scat, soul and jazz into effortless interpretations of pop songs by James Morrison, David Bowie and Alanis Morissette as well as jazz classics from Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and Cole Porter.


Michel Reis

Fairytale Reis's exploration of jazz and improvisation unlocked new and exciting possibilities for him as a pianist and composer. One of those possibilities led him halfway around the world to study with the greatest musicians of our time, at Berklee in the USA.

Jeff Herr Corporation

Conspiracy  Jeff Herr Corporations second album for the label took his compositions to the next level. With very rythmic compositions and excellent inprovisation the repertoire consists mainly of original compositions by Jeff Herr and the rest of the band.

Michel Reis

A Yound Mind is Michel Reis' first album. In speaking of the compositions on this album he says "they came rather naturally from my improvisations, and the work I've done at Berklee has made me more aware of what I'm doing as a composer and opened up some interesting ideas."

Jeff Herr Corporation

Modern Times Jeff Herr Corporation was formed in December 2003 in Maastricht by drummer Jeff Herr, with some of the best young upcoming musicians from the region. The repertoire consists mainly of original compositions by Jeff Herr and the rest of the band.

Gast Waltzing & Largo

It’s All About Us was created as a concept album. The album title indicates the band’s reflection on the wo/man in the twenty-first century. All tracks were recorded the old-fashioned way, the group played this music together without overdubs.  

Orchestre National de Jazz Luxembourg

Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Band The ONJL's second album written by Guitarist and composer David Laborier takes the ONJL in a different dirrection away from traditional Big Band and creating a new program of original compositions.

David Laborier

Ye Ole Truckstop is David Laborier's third album. “Ye Ole Truckstop” stems from a close collaboration between Laborier’s group members. It features a strong group sound, heavily influenced by the ‘70’s rock music, with wonderful melodies and strong improvisations.

Damien Prud'homme

Tribal Jazz Project Saxophonist, writer and arranger Damien

Prud'homme invites you into his world through his compositions: a delicate balance between melody and drum. Tribal Jazz Project aims to explore a tapestry of percussion and drums woven into the fabric of the group.

David Laborier

Tease Luxembourg based guitarist David Laborier introduced this new project in May 2012 at the 'Like a Jazz Machine' festival in Dudelange, Luxembourg. With a repertoire of compositions written by the bandleader, the trio has earned critical acclaim for their debut performance. 

Benoît Martiny

Jazz Goes Garage By mixing influences from Led Zepplin to Coltrane, Pearl Jam to Keith Jarrett, Martiny’s concept and composition for this first CD of the band, bring a new and fresh aspect to the field of Jazz.

Orchestre National de Jazz Luxembourg
Calvin Owens

O.N.J.L. Launched at the official opening of the Grande Salle at the Philharmonie, the ONJL has collaborated with greats such as George Duke and Didier Lockwood, a working relationship that lead to both artists featuring as soloists on the jazz ensemble’s debut album released in 2007.

Lying In My Face WPR is proud to have jazz great Calvin Owens on its label. This CD is all that forward moving jazz could be. Musical in the extreme, incorporating elements from hip new styles, all coming together through the magical touch of Mr. Calvin Owens.

George & The Dragon

George & the Dragon This original film music score, composed, conducted and produced by Gast Waltzing is strong, romantic, touching and lyrical. It features famous Jazzman Steve Houben on the Tin Whistle and the hauntingly beautiful soporano vocals of Carmen Welter-Jander, and was recorded with the Orchestra Philharmonique du Luxembourg

The Luscious Ladies

The Luscious Ladies Project  cover memorable songs from the 60's and 70's, produced in a new and modern way by 5 Luxembourgish singers. Each singer has their own unique style and take on the songs, which makes for an immensely enjoyable and varied live performance.


JVCD The original Music Score for the Film JCVD is jazz inspired, written and produced by Gast Waltzing. It's honesty and depth are in keeping with the films subject matter.

Maggie Parke

Ever is Maggie's first solo album.  15 tracks, each as individual as she is. Combining the roots of classic rock with the input of jazz and even a seasoning of dance.

Daniel Balthasar
Maggie Parke

Daniel Balthasars Outlines, comprised of 10 self composed and arranged songs, is as true and real as the artist himself. From the lyrical and hopeful "Before I Sleep" to the melancholy and dark "Song of a Dog". These songs are a look into the artists' soul. 

White Christmas Recorded with the Orchestra National de Jazz Luxembourg, Big Band, with the vocals of Maggie Parke, this CD of Christmas Classics is joyus and moving. Including such greats as Jingle Bells, White Christmas and Merry Christmas to you.

Julia Hailu

Feat. D. Antony

The One

The One was a TV talent show organized in April 2012. This compilation covers 13 songs performed by 13 selected finalists. All songs were arranged by Gast Waltzing and recorded and produced under WPR.


Julya Hailu a young singer with rapper D. Antony perform 4 songs as a showcase CD. A Masterful production by Gast Waltzing.



Legends A symphonic work composed by Gast Waltzing recorded with the Orchestra Philharmonic du Luxembourg, and conducted by Gast Waltzing. Didier Lockwood is the soloist.

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