Pops @ the Phil.

In 2006, Gast Waltzing founded, in collaboration with the Philharmonie and the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, the 'Pops at the Phil' annual concert in which the OPL performs a more popular program with popular solists, with Gast Waltzing conducting.

2020  MYLES SANKO with the Orchestra Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Gast Waltzing conducting.
2019 Angelique Kidjo

The 2019 Pops at the Phil concert was a very special event as it was a celebration of the Grammy won in 2016 by Angelique Kidjo, Gast Waltzing and the Orchestra Philharmonique du Luxembourg.

2015 Gregory Porter
2017 Avishai Cohen
2018 Lionel Leuke

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