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Blues & Jazz 

 Rallye 2014

Gast Waltzing and Largo performed a very polished set of original compositions by Waltzing that stopped the public in the street.

Jean Jacques Maillet

performed with his band at the Jazz Rally July 2014 with a great set of original compositions.

For the 2013 Jazz & Blues Ralley Waltzing Parke Productions booked the following artists:

Gast Waltzing & Largo: the main stage in  Clausen


Gast Waltzing; trumpet & composer

David Laborier; guitar

Rom A. Heck; bass

Gilles Burgund; drums


Largo's music is electric, a powerful collection of groove driven pieces infused with elements of various music influences, masterfully weaved into a gripping contemporary sound.



Laetitia Dana @ Life Bar 


Laëtitia Dana; chant

Raffy Baldy; guitare

Hugo Starton; cajon / Caisse Claire / Charley


Anti-confirmiste et façonnée par des influences musicales telles que Sade ou Outkast, Laëtitia multiplie les collaborations avec des artistes de la scène Nu-Soul / Hip-Hop internationale. 


Max 'Guitar Love' Oestersötebier; vocal / guitar


Roger Clarke-Johnson; bass

Christian Altehükshorst; trumpet

David P. Schwikard; ts

Uli Twelker; drums

Tobias; tuba


Wir, THE SAZERAC SWINGERS, spielen traditionellen Swing, Calypso und New Orleans Jazz im Sinne der drei grossen Louis: Armstrong, Jordan und Prima. Benannt nach dem offiziellen Cocktail der Stadt New Orleans, dem seit 1803 beliebten „Sazerac“, wollen wir seit September 2011 den Spass am Jazz aus New Orleans nach Gütersloh, Deutschland und Europa bringen.

Bconnected on the main stage in Clausen 


bconnected was founded in 1994 by swiss guitarist Eugene Montenero and has, throughout the years managed to preserve a strong identity with roots in Jazz and an open mind towards the wide world of music.

David Laborier's Trio @ Melusisa


‘Three’s A Crowd’ aims at exploring the sonic and atmospheric possibilities a drum-and-bass-less trio can offer, combining through composed material to the individual improvisational styles of its members.

David Laborier & Three’s A Crowd went into the studio in December 2012 and recorded their debut album entitled ‘Choices’. It will be released at the Blues & Jazz Rallye Luxembourg on July 20th 2013.



Elastophobics @ Sins City

Tom Heck; guitar, Slawek Semeniuk; bass, Gilles Bernard; drums


They met each other on a gig in Maastricht, they never played before together and the gig was amazing. That´s why they decided in December 2012 to create a band and play their own music. Every musician in this trio is playing with many different bands and is playing nearly every style of music. Now they concentrate on this Trio called ELASTOPHOBICS. 

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