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Jazz Nights

at  the Banque du Luxembourg

Gast Waltzing was asked in 2007 to program a series of jazz concerts each year for the Banque du Luxembourg . He chooses 4 or 5 jazz artists  to give an hour performance in the beautiful concert room  at the Banque du Luxembourg. The concerts are by invitation only to members of the Jazz Nights a.s.b.l., and always full. At the end of each series, a Live CD is produced and released.

2013 - Jazz Nights 7

David Laborier Trio with Michel Piltz

Gast Waltzing & Largo with Sun Glitters and Jean Jacque.

the Program

Michel Reis Quartet


La Boca


David Laborier & Three’s A Crowd


Gast Waltzing & Largo feat. Sun Glitters

Special Christmas Concert at the Large Venue

2012 - Jazz Nights 6

Michel Reis Trio


Students of the Jazz Department of the

  Conservatorie de la Ville du Luxembourg

2011 - Jazz Nights 5

Thomas Bracht Trio

Thomas Jehle Quartett

Combos du Conservatoire de Musique de la Ville de Luxembourg

Niels Engel Quartett

David Fettmann Quartet

2010 - Jazz Nights

Michel Reis

David Laborier

Students of the Jazz Department of 

  The Conservatoire de la Ville du Luxembourg

Largo feat. Gast Waltzing

Roby Glod et Jacques Pirotton

2009 - Jazz Nights 3

Francesco Tristano Schlimé


Ernie Hammes

Marc Demuth & Sofia Ribeiro

Sascha Ley & Kalima

Leana Sealy

Peter Baugmärtner

2008 - Jazz Nights 2

Marc Mangen / Afrodisax

Damien Prud’homme / Tribal Jazz Project

George Ruby / Village Zone et Michel Pilz

Leana Sealy

The Paul Wiltgen Group

2007 - Jazz Nights 1

David Laborier

Michel Reis

Jeff Herr Corporation

Benoît Martiny

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