Who we are...

Waltzing Parke Productions

S. a r. l. was founded by Gast Waltzing and Maggie Parke in 1985 as a music production company.

Gast Waltzing has composed and produced music for over 200 Cinema Films and TV productions. He also conducts mixed events with Symphony Orchestra and Pop and Jazz solo artists, and Arranges for Symphony Orchestra for such artists as Angelique Kidjo, Amy McDonald and for Big Band for such artists as George Duke, and Richar Bona.

Benvinda Neves has been with Waltzing Parke Productions since 2004. She became the WPR Records label manager shortly after joining WP Productions, and in 2013 became a full partner in the company. She has taken over Waltzing Parke Publishing as well.

What we do...


A full service music productions company for Film Music, TV music, TV and Radio Advertising and Sound Design. We also do Corporate ID Music and Jingles. Our booking department is avaliable to assist clients with talent for events, festivals, corporate celebrations and other entertainment needs.


A recording label and distribution network that was established to find, produce and promote young innovative creators of music, internationnally.  There are 3 lables, Jazz, Music and Outrageous.



Cares for the compositions, copyrights and promotion of the artists we work with. We have avaliable for license hundreds of songs, themes, orchestral works, and jazz pieces that can be used in film, tv, advertising or corporate logos.

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