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and Arranging

Extensive training in both Classical and Jazz affords composer/arranger Gast Waltzing the ability to

compose in different styles for Symphony Orchestra,

Big Band and smaller formations.


He has been arranging and composing since he started

his first jazz combo as a teenager. His first real test as

a composer/arranger was in 1989 when he wrote

and arranged his first film music, for which he was

nominated forBest European Film Composer.

Who we've worked with...

Myles Sanko

Dubbed as the lovechild of soul music, Myles Sanko, born in Ghana, began his music career by singing and rapping alongside disc jockeys in nightclubs. He has fronted popular bands such as Bijoumiyo and has been working with funk kings Speedometer. „For me, music is the key to communication between people. When I write, play and sing music, I do not plan it to be labelled “Soul” or “Jazz” – it just comes naturally as it is.“ Myles Sanko explains. With his true, emotional and straightforward style, he is able to connect past, present and future. Waltzing will conduct Sanko and the OPL on the 21 Jan at the Philharmonie, with arrangements Waltzing has written of Sankos music.

Dobet Gnahore

Africa has its internationally acclaimed female voices and the voice of Dobet Gnahoré has made its mark there. Her 4th album, “MIZIKI”, the voice of the multi-talented Ivorian singer resonates African sounds mixed with samples of electronic music, a subtle blend revealing a musical style which echoes her own character – freedom. This latest album pays homage to the two principal causes she supports: a rich, generous and unified Africa and the strength of African women. This very talented Singer and Composer was chosen by Waltzing to perform at the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg's international form STAND RISE SPEAK UP, the purpose of which was to shine attention on the horrific problem of rape as a wepon of war. Waltzing arranged the songs she performed at this event for Symphony Orchestra.

Morgane Ji.jpg
Morgan Ji

Morgane Ji is the perfect example of  the successful blending of multiple ancestry, as befits her native Réunion.

A volcanic temperament, with mysterious, African, Indian and Asian roots. She strives to create the unexpected, that’s her strong point.

An uncategorisable rock pop musician and practitioner of world electronic music, though immediately recognisable thanks to her unique voice – protean, raspy, soft, animal-like.

Her wide vocal range, melodic lines and shamanic cries offer spectators
entertainment and excitement. She was chosen to perform at The Grand Duchess of Luxembourgs world forum against Rape used as a weapon of War; STAND RISE SPEAK UP, and performed her title "Woman Soldier" arranged by Waltzing for Symphonic Orchestra. A fiercely independent female artist whopays tribute to the many battles women are involved in every day throughout the world. Gast Waltzing and David Laborier have worked with her arranging of her music for the ONJL, and recording it in ICP Studio in Brussels. This album will be released in the begining of 2020.


Former member of the well known Japanese Duo FRIED PRIDE, with whom Gast Waltzing arranged, with David Laborier, and produced a Symphonic Album LIVE IN LUXEMBOURG, with the Orchestra Pasdeloup, (released on JVC VICTOR Japan) also conducted by Gast Waltzing. Now this talented Diva has branched out into her solo career with her first solo album already released in 2019. Titled

FP Live.png

__________________________ we are proud have the Gast Waltzing composition GLAD YOU'RE HERE on the production. Shiho will be working on a Big Band album that will also be arranged by Waltzing and Laborier, to be released next year. This album will be produced in Japan, with Waltzing conducting and producing for VICTOR.

Angélique Kidjo

Arranging for Symphony Orchestra


Arranging for the  great Angelique Kidjo and her music, with it's

uniquily African feel and sound, was a challenge. To blend the Classical

sound of a full Symphony Orchesta with the Kidjo's African music, while keeping the integrity of both was the goal. The result was recorded by

Kidjo and the Orchestra Philharmonique du Luxembourg, under the

direction of Gast Waltzing,  in 2013, and will be released on CD at the

end of 2014. The project was an unmitigated success, winning a Grammy Award for Kidjo and Waltzing in 2016. You can hear a clip recorded live at the concert performed by Angelique Kidjo, the OPL, Conducted by Gast Waltzing

at YouTube.

The Scorpions


After the enoumous success of the Scorprions open air concert in Luxembourg City in 2005, with the Orchestra Philharmonic du Luxembourg, conducted by Gast Waltzing, Gast was asked by Guitar player Matthias Jabs to do some arranging for song for film and also arranged a song for Orchestra for The Scorpoins.

Amy MacDonald

Gast Waltzing was comissioned by the Saarbrucken Radio Orchestra to arrange the songs of Amy MacDonald album "A Curious Thing" for Symphony Orchestra. These arrangements were performed in the Rock Hall, Luxembourg, for a sold out audience and at the same time recorded live and released on Mercury Records.

Richard Bona


Gast Waltzing invited Mr. Bona to perform with the Orchestra National du Jazz, Luxembourg at the F.I.E.L. in 2013, and arranged his program for Big Band.

George Duke with ONJL


As part of the inauguration of the Philharmonic Hall in Luxembourg Gast was asked to concieve a concert with the Orchestra National Du Jazz Luxembourg. Gast invited the late great George Duke to perform with the ONJL Big Band for this event. Mr. Duke performed on all the original works composed and arranged for the Big Band by Gast Waltzing.

Gregory Porter

April 30th 2015, Gregory Porter performed with the OPL for the Pops at the Phil series, Gast Waltzing conducting, and also Gast wrote the symphonic arrangement for this concert for Mr. Porters Grammy winning CD "Liquid Spirit".

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