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6, 7, & 8

Dec. 2019

Angelique Kijo and

Gast Waltzing in Eindhoven, Antwerp and

Brussels, See Below

for details.

Grammy winning
Gast Waltzing

New Years

Concert at the

Theater in Esch.

17:00 hrs Featuring

Gast Waltzing Conducting and the Dakh


See Below for


W O R L D    E V E N T S
R E C O R D    R E L E A S E S

Orchestra National De Jazz Luxembourg

The Orchestra National Du Jazz Luxembourg, Conducted by Gast Waltzing will perform for the "Recontre de coproduction Francophone" in the Philharmonie on the 13th of November 2019.

David Laborier



3 time grammy winner Angelique Kidjo and Gast Waltzing will perform a series of concerts at the end of the year, with the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra.

o6 Dec Muziekgebouw Frits Philips, Eindhowen

07 Dec Elisabethzaal , Antwerp

08 Dec Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussells

Nominated by the Independent Music Awards for best song (Step Right Up)

in the Funk/Fusions/ Jam catagorie from entries from 100 countries and 6 continents. Also Gast Waltzing and David Laborier nominated for best producers for the album NE:X:T !!!

Gast Waltzing and the O.N.J.L

The Orchestra National de Jazz Luxembourg' latest album composed, conducted and produced by Gast Waltzing, featuring Salima! World wide distribution by MIG-Music.

New Years Concert

  January 01, 2020 at 5 pm
 Theater Municipal d'Esch
120 rue de l'Alzette, Esch-sur-Alzette


Shiho's first solo album released in JAPAN, and it includes a Gast Waltzing composition:


Glad You're Here

Gast Waltzing will be traveling to Japan mid October to conduct the Big Band and perform with Shiho, with arrangements he's written for Shiho along with arrangments written by David Laborier for the Diva Singer.

A marvelous way to start the New Year! Under the direction of Gast Waltzing the Orchestre De Chambre Estro Armonico will be joined by the fabulous DAKH DAUGHTERS from Ukraine, and David Laborier, Guitar and arrangements.


13 Nov. 2019 Luxembourg  O.N.J.L., Concert Rencontre de Coproduction Francophone Philharmonie

06 Dec. 2019 Holland   Angelique Kidjo and Gast Waltzing, Muziekgebouw Frits Philips Eindhowen

07 Dec. 2019 Belgium   Angelique Kidjo and Gast Waltzing Elisabethall, Antwerp

08 Dec. 2019 Belgium   Angelique Kidjo and Gast Waltzing,  Palais des beaux Arts,Brussels

14 - 19 Dec. 2019 Luxembourg  Theatre - Rapunzel, Music by Gast Waltzing

01 Jan. 2020   Luxembourg  Gast Waltzing, Dakh Daughters, Estro Armonico, New Years Concert Theatre Esch

21 Jan 2020   Luxembourg Gast Waltzing, Orchestra Philharmonique Luxembourg, Myles Sanko, Philharmonie

20 March 2020 France  La Femme Samourai by Pierre Thilloy, conducted by Gast Waltzing,

                                           Orchestra Avignon, Avignon

27 Mar. 2020  Austria    Angelique Kidjo and Gast Waltzing Musikverein, Wien

28 Mar. 2020  Austria    Angelique Kidjo and Gast Waltzing Festspielhaus, St Polten

20 June 2020  Luxembourg   Orchestra Philharmonique and Gast Waltzing, Harry Potter III live, Rockhal Esch

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