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Eastwood Symphonic

Nancy Jazz


10 October 2022


event, for the new

Gast Waltzing Quintet.

From the concert at the

Philharmonie on 17th March.

See the link


Grammy winning
Gast Waltzing

Working for our future culture!

W O R L D    E V E N T S

CREATION at Nancy Jazz Fest


Featering the Jazz Quintet of Kyle Eastwood.

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 12.01.53 PM.png
Film music from the ledendary films of Clint Eastwood arranged for Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Quintet.
Symphonic Arrangements by Gast Waltzing and Band Arrangements by Jean Jacques Mailliet. Featuring award winning Bassist Kyle Eastwood and his Quintet and performed with the Orchestra de l"Opera National de Lorraine

10 Octber 22   Nancy Jazz Pulsations

19 October 22 Lyon

25 October - 28 October Recording in Prague with the CNSO

R E C O R D    R E L E A S E S

with the


Recorded just before the pandemic, at ICP studios in Brussels, we are pleased to finally release this wonderful CD with original songs by Morgan Ji and Eric Lapleau. Arrangements by Gast Waltzing and David Laborier.

Gast Waltzing and the O.N.J.L

Gast Waltzing Quintett


This new project

from Gast Waltzing

is about exploring the color and communication of the music. Where the color of the piano and synth meet the groove of the Bass and Drums and the muted trumpet floats over it all. Its more about the stripped down beauty of the Haiku than the long explanations of a novel.


Gast Waltzing – trumpet, Julia Belova - piano, Christoph Simon - synth, Max Serra - bass, Neils Engels - drums

Below is the link to the YouTube 30 minute stream produced by the Philharmonie Luxembourg:

HOPE Cover.jpg

The Orchestra National de

Jazz Luxembourg's 4th

album, composed,

conducted and produced by

Gast Waltzing, featuring

Salima!  The ONJL will be avaliable for touring in 20201.   World wide

distribution by MIG-Music

David Laborier


David Laborier - NEXT - Cover - for Web
IndMusAwaLOGO copy.jpg

Our Traditional New Years Concert 2023



Nominated by the Independent Music Awards for best song

(Step Right Up)

in the Funk/Fusions/ Jam catagorie from entries from 100 countries and 6 continents. Also Gast Waltzing and David Laborier nominated for best producers for the album NE:X:T !!!

Glad You're Here

Shiho's first solo album released in JAPAN, and it includes a Gast Waltzing composition:


Our Favorite singer from Japan, Shiho has released her first solo album, and we are thrilled to have  one of our compositions, produced by Gast Waltzing on the album. We wish her all the best in these hard times.

10 October 22  Eastwood Symphonic, Nancy Jazz Pulsations Festial

19 October 22  Eastwood Symphonic, Orchestra National de Lyon

25-28 October  Recording  Eastwood Symphonic in Prague with the CNSO

1 January 23     Angelique Kidjo in Avignon

16 January 23   Recording Babelsberg

19 january 23   Special Concert for the POST with the OPL

26 January 23   Special Performance for opening of Maggie Parke Photo                                               Exhibition at the Valentiny Foundation

Traditionally this concert occures on the 1st day of January. It will be at the Theater of Esch in the late afternoon. Exact program to be announces but it will be themed from South American Music, which is know to be lively and joyous.

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